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Malam senin yang Aneh

Sebagai guru bahasa inggris, gue kadang nyambi jadi guru privat/les. Les yang biasa gue kasih biasanya bertempat di rumah si murid gue, karena rumah gue belum memungkinkan untuk dipake les berhubung belum ada tempat yang sesuai.

Sebagai guru privat, gue itu spesialis ngajar persiapan TOEFL, pada tahu kan tes ginian? Itu lho yang biasa dijadiin prasyarat kalau mau belajar ke luar negri atau sekolah S2. Gue ambil spesialis ini karena materinya gue kuasai banget dan gue punya banyak materi buat ngajarin beginian. Dan lagi, duitnya gede bro…

Nah, malam senin kemaren gue dapat callingang buat privat sama 2 orang dokter, yang satu dokter specialist, dan yang satu dokter genetik. Serem gak tuh… 😁. Kadang kalo ngajarin dokter suka bingung kalau pas ketemu dokter yang sok pinter. Kadang enak banget kalau ngasih privat dokter, karena bisa jadi malah ketawa ketiwi dan makan-makan enak, apalagi kalau dokter ya emak-emak yang doyan makan.

Singkat cerita, gue janjian sama mereka jam 8.30 malam. Iya, malam. Di tempat kerja normal, gue kerja sampai jam 8.30 malam dari hari senin sampai kamis, dan berhubung callingan privatnya hari senin, maka harus setelah jam kerja di tempat kerjaku.

Sebenarnya hari senin itu gue bisa pulang kerja awal, jam 8.00, tetapi privatan gue bisanya jam 8.30 malam, terpaksa lah aku mengiyakan. Dasar lagi semangat, gue datang terlalu awal dan terpaksa nunggu di tempat yang dijanjikan, di lounge sebuah hotel. Bingungkan? Kok privat di hotel? Sebenarnya gue biasa ngasih privat di tempat yang aneh-aneh: di tempat karaoke, di gazebo restoran, sampe di ruang tunggu rumah sakit. Bahkan sempat juga gue diantar jemput keluar kota buat ngasih privat. Dijemput sore, ngajar jam 7 malam sampe jam 9 malam. Trus nginep, dan besok paginya ngasih privat lagi.

Gue lihat jam, sudah 8.30, tapi siswa privat gue belum sampe juga. Tak lama ada WhatsApp, di situ siswa gue bilang bahwa dia bakal telat, mungkin datang jam 8.45. Apa? 15 menit… Wadaw… Ngapain nih sambil nunggu dia datang? Ya udah, nonton di hp aja deh. Jam 9.07 siswa privat gue akhirnya datang juga. Dari jauh dia sudah cengar-cengir nutupi rasa malu ya dia. Yah nasib….

Tak lama, gue dibawa ke sebuah lounge di dalam hotel. Rupanya siswa gue yg lain dah nunggu di situ. Tau gitu, gue nunggu bareng dia kan…

Selanjutnya Kita pun mulai belajar, tak lupa mereka pesenin gue makan dan minum: Fish and chips dan Caramel cappuccino. Mantap jiwa. Pulang privat, aku pulang dengan perut kenyang, dan dompet pun terisi. Rejeki anak soleh, padahal bapak gue kan Sopandi ya… 😁 😁 😁

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Cinderella’s Graduation Day by Putri Hasna Aisyah

Another piece of writing by my Comet 4 student, Putri Hasna Aisyah:
Another piece of writing by my Comet 4 student, Putri Hasna Aisyah:
Graduation Ceremony
Drizella, Cinderella’s stepsister is running off with Cinderella’s valedictory speech in her hand. “Give it back to me!” Cinderella yells. “Blah, blah, blah.” Drizella doesn’t listen. Instead, she tears up the written speech. “No! Why did you do that?!” Cinderella shouts. “Ella, calm down. Driz, you’ve gone too far!” Anastasia says scaredly as her sisters continue yelling at each other. “You’re a daughter of a servant, you don’t need that graduation speech!” Drizella yells. “Don’t make fun of my mother!” Cinderella shouts. “Cinderella, shut up!” Her stepmother comes out of her room.
“You woke me up with all your yellings, do you even have respects to me as your mother?” She scolds Cinderella. “I’m sorry mom, but we-“ “No buts! You’re grounded from the ceremony!” As her stepmother says that, she feels shocked. ‘There’s no way she can just do that! This is a once in a lifetime graduation ceremony! If Drizella didn’t rip her speech and insult her mother, she wouldn’t shout as loudly as what it takes to wake her stepmother! This is very unfair!’ She thought. Drizella, Anastasia and their mother go out from the house and locked her in. Cinderella feels so upset. She can still see Drizella staring at her through the window, looking all jealous and hateful. Beside Drizella, Anastasia looks sad to see their fight.
Cinderella is getting ready for the graduation ceremony. She’s the year’s class valedictory. “Congratulation for being the best student, you deserve it.” Anastasia praises her. Drizella feels jealous. “She cheats all the time!” Drizella shouts. “It’s not true!” Cinderella says.
Anastasia loves both Cinderella and Drizella. Drizella is often jealous of Cinderella. Their mother takes Drizella’s side. The family’s condition has become like that since Anastasia, Drizella and Cinderella’s father passed away when they were little Cinderella really wants to go to the ceremony. Her speech is torn up, but that’s not the problem. She already remembers it in her mind. The problem is, she doesn’t know how to get out of the locked house. She walks around, looking for a way out. She sighs frustratedly when she can’t find any. She finally decides to break the window after she realizes how important the graduation is for her. She goes to the school, arriving precisely at her turn to read the speech. Her sisters and stepmother expects Cinderella not to be there, missing her chance to speak on the stage. Anastasia feels sorry for her, knowing how hard she has worked to get the best score. When Anastasia is just about to blame Drizella and her mother about her stepsister’s absence, Cinderella walks up to the stage, a little bit panting as if she ran all the way here, but the excitement is still shown through her face. Drizella, Anastasia and their mother are surprised to see her.
Drizella’s expression turns glum. But when Cinderella thanks all her family in her speech, she feels happy that Cinderella still sees her as her sister, no more hatred attached. Drizella also feels bad thinking about the tragedy this morning. As Cinderella comes down the stage, Drizella approaches her and apologize. “I’m sorry for being rude earlier. Congratulations.” She hugs Cinderella. “Me too, Drizella. Thank you.” She replies. Her stepmother follows behind Drizella. “Cinderella, I am sorry for what I did. I’m proud of you for doing your best at school.” She says. “That’s okay, mother. I’m sorry too.” Anastasia no longer feels sad about her family.
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Cinderella (New Version by Jalis Panca, an ET12 student)

It was the night before graduation ceremony. And it looked like there is something wrong in Cinderella’s house. Drizella, Cinderella’s step-sister ran with some paper in her hand. She looked like she wanted  to go outside, and made her run faster every step. Cinderella glanced, but she knew what happened, Drizella was running with her written speech for the graduation ceremony.
Cinderella stopped with her chores and ran after Drizella, who run so fast that Cinderella left behind.
“Stop Drizella! What are you going to do with my speech?!” Cinderella shouted between her steps.
Drizella canceled her plan to go outside, now she went through the corridor, avoided Cinderella that blocked the way out. Unfortunately, she trapped in the corridor, there was a dead-end.
“Now, just give up and give me back my speech.” A grind appeared on Cinderella’s face, she had seen her victories.
Well, Drizella hadn’t figured out of idea yet, she teared up Cinderella’s speech text into pieces and shout at Cinderella: “It’s impossible for a child of a slave to become a valedictorian!” After she said that, she continued with laughing out loud, and Cinderella just stand there, with a surprised face after seeing her speech text transformed into pieces.
“What do you mean by that, huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Cinderella yelled at Drizella.
A door behind tem opened, Anastasia, their younger sister appeared. She looked panic seeing her sisters fighting.
“Um.. sist? What happened?” She panicked.
The two sisters just ignored Anastasia and kept shouting each other. Anastasia, of course became more panic and stared at mother’s room, which its door opened slowly, their mother then appeared.
“What happened here?” Their mother talked calmly, hid her anger seeing her children, in the midnight, arguing and fighting each other.
“She teared up my speech text!” Cinderella yelled so loud that it add anger for her step-mother.
“Is it true, Drizella?” Her mother asked Drizella.
“ That’s not true, mom, she suddenly ran after me without any reason!” Drizella pointed her finger to Cinderella.
“What kind of argument is that?” Cinderella looked trying very hard to hold her laugh.
“Um.. Cinderella, looked like you haven’t done with your chores. Why don’t you finish your chores first, and then calm down in your room until tomorrow, hm?” A grin now appeared on Drizella’s face, hearing her mother’s talk.
“What? That isn’t fair, and I must attend the graduation ceremony tomorrow! I must give a speech!” Cinderella started thinking that her step-mother now is so annoying that she hoped to punch her in the face badly.
Cinderella ended locked in her own room, and now, she felt very frustrated, she must think how to sneak from home tomorrow, to attend the graduation ceremony. There was no way she leave from the door, her step-mother won’t open it until tomorrow.
“Can I try ‘that’?” She talked to herself, remembering some romance film that she watched from the television. The people sneak from their house by get out from the window, using a bunch of fabric to make a rope and rappel until they step on the ground.
“Well,” She took a breath and started to collect all pieces of fabric she can use for her plan. If she wanted to go to the ceremony, she must start now.
Morning has come, she has finished her way out, she just waiting for her sister and mother leave to the school.
“I can’t believe I will use this.” She stared to the bunch of fabric, ready to use, held by her bed stand.
There was a sound of car leave from outside, “It’s the time.” Cinderella whispered to herself.
She opened the window widely, put the fabric outside, and she gulped before carefully put her bag, filled with some new speech she made, she stepped on the windows frame and started repelling outside.
Finally, after around a couple minutes, she finally stepped on the ground.
“Now, let’s think about how to go to school.” She took a deep breath.
Drizella and her mother just couldn’t stop smiling at the graduation, Cinderella won’t come to the school, she locked on her own room.
But, maybe God wasn’t at their side that time, when the MC shouted loud to call the best student this year, Cinderella, she came, with face full of sweat and a wide grin of course, that made Drizella and her mother’s smile disappeared.
“Good morning, guys.” Cinderella started her speech.

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ALLAH adalah Pemberi Rejeki Yang MAHA ADIL

ALLAH adalah Pemberi Rejeki Yang MAHA ADIL

Allah itu Super Duper Adil.

Hari ini ada pelajaran yang berharga saya pelajari. Jika Allah berkehendak memberi rejeki pada umat Nya, Dia akan memberi jalan agar umatNya mendapatkan rejeki itu.

Hari ini, seorang tukang listrik (electrician) mendapatkan jalan rejekinya lewat saya. Dari kemarin rumah saya konslet terus. Saya pikir karena hujan lebat hari jumat penyebabnya. Ternyata bukan. Sudah berhari-hari tikus menggerogoti kabel stop kontak kamar saya, sehingga kulit kabel terkelupas dan ketika terkena embun, buuum, konslet.

Seperti biasa, jika ada masalah seputar rumah, saya panggil pak Udin-tukang serba bisa yg saya andalkan. Di-sms pagi itu, beliau langsung muncul dan memeriksa sekitar kelistrikan-bak jin Aladsin ya. Setelah semua pencegahan yang beliau pikirkan tidak bisa memecahkan masalah konslet itu, beliau menyerah-melambai ke kamera dan bilang,  sori bos ga ngerti. Beliau menyarankan memanggil rekannya, seorang ahli/tukang listrik handal.

Pak Adi adalah nama sang ahli listrik itu. Ketika tiba di rumah saya, beliau pun memeriksa semuanya, menguji semua saluran/jalur listrik. Dan, diketahui lah kalprit alias penyebabnya. Kabel stop kontak kamar saya yang digerogori si monyong tikus. Setelah mengganti kabel ya g hangua dengan yang baru, dan meyakinkan tidak ada konslet lagi, maka beliau dengan percaya diri menyatakan rumah saya sudah aman. Alhamdulillah… Pak Udin dan pak Adi pulang ke rumah mereka dengan tersenyum karena ada lembaran uang untuk menafkahi keluarga mereka,  dan saya pun ditinggal tersenyum karena rumah saya kembali dialiri listrik.  Bisa nonton tv dan film lagi,  bisa mengisi ulang batre gawai saya.  Semuanya senang.  Everybody is happy.

Jadi begitulah ceritanya. Pelajaran yang saya dapat: Allah memberikan rejeki sesuai jalan pekerjaan yang kita pilih. Jika kita guru, seperti saya, maka Allah akan memberikan rejekiNya lewat murid-murid saya. Karena ayah saya adalah seorang supir angkot, maka rejekinya diberikan lewat penumpang-penumpang angkotnya. Tetapi jika anda maling, bisa ditebak, rejekinya diberikan lewat korbannya. Allah Maha Adil dalam memberikan rejeki, tinggal kita pilih, mau jalan halal atau tak halal. Jika kita pilih yang  halal, insya Allah akan barokah. Jika anda pilih yang haram,  rejekinya mungkin dapat tapi anda dan keluarga tidak bisa hidup tenang karena rejeki yang dimakan adalah rejeki tak barokah.  Dan sekali lagi saya diingatkan agar selalu bersyukur atas apa yang kita peroleh.  Banggalah jika kita bisa menjadi jalan oleh Allah sebagai  penyalur rejeki Nya.  Subhanallah…



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Sneaker seharga Rp. 900,000.

Hari ini saya dibikin kaget oleh siswa di kelas saya, mengenai sepatu olahraga yang mereka pakai.

Mereknya memang ternama, dan karena barang “ori” harganya cukup bikin saya menjerit dalam hati. Rp. 900,000 sepasang. “Busyet, mahal amir…” maki ku dalam hati.

Ketika dia bilang harganya, kesan yang saya dapat itu adalah harga yang wajar. Lebih parah lagi, siswa satunya lagi menunjukan sepatu lain di Instagram, “Yang ini bagus, tapi murah banget, mister…” kata siswa lain sambil menunjukan ig suatu akun di hpnya. “Cuma Rp.599,000, sir…k katanya lagi. Eh, busyet… 600,000an dibilang murah. ‘Memang kamu sudah bisa menghasilkan berapa juta?’ maki ku lagi.


Dalam hati aku mengerutu, aku juga mampu kalo memang mau beli. Pertanyaanya, setimpalkah apa yang aku belanjakan dengan kepuasan atau kenikmatan yang akan aku terima? Anda setuju?

Dengan uang segitu, bisa cukup untuk makan saya sebulan-sebulan setengah. Bisa buat liburan 3 hari. Bisa buat perbaiki rumah. Masih banyak yang bisa dilakukan dengan uang sebanyak itu.

Pertanyaan kedua, jika anakbya bisa beli sepatu semahal itu, orang tuanya beli sepatu harga berapa, ya?  Semoga orang tuanya diberikan rejeki yang melimpah terus….

Jika aku harus memilih, mending aku beli sepatu yang lebih murah tapi nyaman, dari pada beli sepatu semahal itu. Memang sepatu itu ringan banget, dan serasa tak pake sepatu, tapi itu bikin jebol keuangan ku. Aku harus bertahan hidup dengan usahaku sendiri. Jika aku bokek, aku malu kalau minta orang tua ku.

Aku hanya bisa berharap, suatu hari anak ini bisa mengerti harga suatu kerja keras, sehingga dia bisa mengharga usaha orang tuanya untuk menyediakan segala sesuatunya buat dia.


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Beautiful Pangandaran Beach, One of the most challenging Surfing Beaches in the World

Pangandaran Beach

Small mainland peninsula with a national park with beaches and stunning scenery to rival the beaches of Bali on the south coast of Java. Pangandaran is one of Java’s best-kept secrets as far as international tourists are concerned, but has been extremely popular with locals for along, long time. A small fishing town, it possesses one of Java’s finest beaches and Pangandaran Nature Reserve teems with wild buffalo, barking deer and monkeys. The people are very friendly, this combined with the idealize surroundings make this a great place to spend a few days relaxing island-style. Pangandaran is halfway between Bandung and Yogya, about 5 hours by bus from Bandung and 8 hours from Jakarta.

This is the second beach resort area on the Indian Ocean after Pelabuhan Ratu. The site is 223 from Bandung and 400km from Jakarta. The trip by car or bus is recommendable because the road conditions are good. However, if we prefer to take the train, get into Bandung-Yogyakarta Express train and get off at the Banjar railroad station about 4 hours later. From here it will be another 50 km by bus to Pangandaran. The beach is called Penanjung, where most of the cottages and hotels are located, however, of modest ratings. Nothing luxurious should be expected. Pangandaran is especially of interest to nature lovers, as there is a wildlife reserve in the vicinity where wild birds and other indigenous animals live about freely to be enjoyed by visitors. In Pangandaran visitors will like fine white beaches, blue ocean and fine seafood. Twelve kilometers before arriving at Pangandaran visitors will see a huge rock on the beach, which is called Karang Nini.

Another thing that makes Pangandaran an interesting to visit, especially for surfers, is the amazing waves. The waves in Pangandaran can reach up to 4 m high on peak season, and about 3 m on average. it is ideal for surfers to cut the curls and race to the beach. Many affordable hotels and Inns you can choose if you are interested to stay long time. Once you try the waves, definitely you’ll want to be back to the place again.

Another place of special interest for nature lovers is a forest Conservation Park, close to the camping ground, which has basic facilities suitable for the younger set. Somewhat further out, west of Pangandaran, driving 23 km on the way to Parigi, lays Batu Hiu, meaning Shark’s Rock, a coastal rock that has the shark shape.

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Visiting Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Indonesia: a visitor’s guide

Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Indonesia: a visitor's guide
It would be a rare opportunity missed if you failed to visit the Buddhist temple of Borobudur

Borobudur, in Java, Indonesia, is one of the world’s most impressive temples. Sitting on each level are 72 stupas, each containing a Buddha figure, just visible through the latticework perforations. It’s as if each is strapped into his own private module and awaiting spiritual lift-off – an extraordinary spectacle that is, literally, the crowning glory of this significant religious monument.

Even if the focus of your trip to Indonesia is wildlife, it would be a rare opportunity missed if you failed to visit the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, set amid misty, jungle-clad hills near the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java. The structure was built in about 800AD, 300 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia, in the form of a stepped pyramid.

A series of five square bases is succeeded by three circular terraces ringed by those 72 stupas, representing the spiritual journey from the life of desire, through meditation to Nirvana. While viewed from above the whole resembles the sacred lotus flower.

Borobudur is a vast structure. It consists of two million blocks of lava rock, reaches 115ft at its highest point and features nearly 1,500 carved story panels and 504 statues of the Buddha. But after being abandoned, possibly in the 14th century, it quickly became invisible beneath layers of tropical foliage and volcanic ash. Sir Stamford Raffles, the British Governor General of Java, re-discovered the temple in 1814 and after extensive restoration by Unesco in the late 20th century it was designated a World Heritage Site.

The landscape around Yogyakarta, dominated by the Gunung Merapi volcano, is a sacred one, for Borobudur is merely the most renowned among many ancient temples.

The next most significant is another Unesco World Heritage Site, the 9th and 10th century Hindu complex of Prambanan, with its principal temples dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma and hundreds of surrounding shrines. A tourist “train” takes you to outlying temple complexes and all in all there are more than 500 monuments on the site. Some have been restored but many remain as rubble, giving an idea of the size of the archaeological task still to complete.

Borobudur and Prambanan can get overrun with tourists, especially around Christmas and in the domestic holiday season of mid June to mid July. But lesser temples around Yogyakarta, such as Pawon, Mendut, Plaosan Lor and Kalasan, attract few visitors, retaining an air of contemplation and peace.

Prambanan temple, Alamy

  • The Borobudur site is open 6am-5pm, admission USD20, but you can gain earlier access with a “sunrise ticket”, available through the Manohara Hotel ( for Rp380,000, about £20.
  • A local guide within the temple (recommended) costs Rp75,000, about £3.75.
  • Prambanan is also open 6am-5pm, admission USD17.
  • Reef and Rainforest offers visits to visit Borobudur, Prambanan and the other temples mentioned, as part of a package, for an additional £285 per person including return flight, Jakarta-Yogyakarta, accommodation with breakfast at the Plataran Resort & Spa (0062 293 788 888;, private vehicle and guide and entrance fees.

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