Cinderella’s Graduation Day by Putri Hasna Aisyah

23 May
Another piece of writing by my Comet 4 student, Putri Hasna Aisyah:
Another piece of writing by my Comet 4 student, Putri Hasna Aisyah:
Graduation Ceremony
Drizella, Cinderella’s stepsister is running off with Cinderella’s valedictory speech in her hand. “Give it back to me!” Cinderella yells. “Blah, blah, blah.” Drizella doesn’t listen. Instead, she tears up the written speech. “No! Why did you do that?!” Cinderella shouts. “Ella, calm down. Driz, you’ve gone too far!” Anastasia says scaredly as her sisters continue yelling at each other. “You’re a daughter of a servant, you don’t need that graduation speech!” Drizella yells. “Don’t make fun of my mother!” Cinderella shouts. “Cinderella, shut up!” Her stepmother comes out of her room.
“You woke me up with all your yellings, do you even have respects to me as your mother?” She scolds Cinderella. “I’m sorry mom, but we-“ “No buts! You’re grounded from the ceremony!” As her stepmother says that, she feels shocked. ‘There’s no way she can just do that! This is a once in a lifetime graduation ceremony! If Drizella didn’t rip her speech and insult her mother, she wouldn’t shout as loudly as what it takes to wake her stepmother! This is very unfair!’ She thought. Drizella, Anastasia and their mother go out from the house and locked her in. Cinderella feels so upset. She can still see Drizella staring at her through the window, looking all jealous and hateful. Beside Drizella, Anastasia looks sad to see their fight.
Cinderella is getting ready for the graduation ceremony. She’s the year’s class valedictory. “Congratulation for being the best student, you deserve it.” Anastasia praises her. Drizella feels jealous. “She cheats all the time!” Drizella shouts. “It’s not true!” Cinderella says.
Anastasia loves both Cinderella and Drizella. Drizella is often jealous of Cinderella. Their mother takes Drizella’s side. The family’s condition has become like that since Anastasia, Drizella and Cinderella’s father passed away when they were little Cinderella really wants to go to the ceremony. Her speech is torn up, but that’s not the problem. She already remembers it in her mind. The problem is, she doesn’t know how to get out of the locked house. She walks around, looking for a way out. She sighs frustratedly when she can’t find any. She finally decides to break the window after she realizes how important the graduation is for her. She goes to the school, arriving precisely at her turn to read the speech. Her sisters and stepmother expects Cinderella not to be there, missing her chance to speak on the stage. Anastasia feels sorry for her, knowing how hard she has worked to get the best score. When Anastasia is just about to blame Drizella and her mother about her stepsister’s absence, Cinderella walks up to the stage, a little bit panting as if she ran all the way here, but the excitement is still shown through her face. Drizella, Anastasia and their mother are surprised to see her.
Drizella’s expression turns glum. But when Cinderella thanks all her family in her speech, she feels happy that Cinderella still sees her as her sister, no more hatred attached. Drizella also feels bad thinking about the tragedy this morning. As Cinderella comes down the stage, Drizella approaches her and apologize. “I’m sorry for being rude earlier. Congratulations.” She hugs Cinderella. “Me too, Drizella. Thank you.” She replies. Her stepmother follows behind Drizella. “Cinderella, I am sorry for what I did. I’m proud of you for doing your best at school.” She says. “That’s okay, mother. I’m sorry too.” Anastasia no longer feels sad about her family.
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