Cinderella (New Version by Jalis Panca, an ET12 student)

10 May

It was the night before graduation ceremony. And it looked like there is something wrong in Cinderella’s house. Drizella, Cinderella’s step-sister ran with some paper in her hand. She looked like she wanted  to go outside, and made her run faster every step. Cinderella glanced, but she knew what happened, Drizella was running with her written speech for the graduation ceremony.
Cinderella stopped with her chores and ran after Drizella, who run so fast that Cinderella left behind.
“Stop Drizella! What are you going to do with my speech?!” Cinderella shouted between her steps.
Drizella canceled her plan to go outside, now she went through the corridor, avoided Cinderella that blocked the way out. Unfortunately, she trapped in the corridor, there was a dead-end.
“Now, just give up and give me back my speech.” A grind appeared on Cinderella’s face, she had seen her victories.
Well, Drizella hadn’t figured out of idea yet, she teared up Cinderella’s speech text into pieces and shout at Cinderella: “It’s impossible for a child of a slave to become a valedictorian!” After she said that, she continued with laughing out loud, and Cinderella just stand there, with a surprised face after seeing her speech text transformed into pieces.
“What do you mean by that, huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Cinderella yelled at Drizella.
A door behind tem opened, Anastasia, their younger sister appeared. She looked panic seeing her sisters fighting.
“Um.. sist? What happened?” She panicked.
The two sisters just ignored Anastasia and kept shouting each other. Anastasia, of course became more panic and stared at mother’s room, which its door opened slowly, their mother then appeared.
“What happened here?” Their mother talked calmly, hid her anger seeing her children, in the midnight, arguing and fighting each other.
“She teared up my speech text!” Cinderella yelled so loud that it add anger for her step-mother.
“Is it true, Drizella?” Her mother asked Drizella.
“ That’s not true, mom, she suddenly ran after me without any reason!” Drizella pointed her finger to Cinderella.
“What kind of argument is that?” Cinderella looked trying very hard to hold her laugh.
“Um.. Cinderella, looked like you haven’t done with your chores. Why don’t you finish your chores first, and then calm down in your room until tomorrow, hm?” A grin now appeared on Drizella’s face, hearing her mother’s talk.
“What? That isn’t fair, and I must attend the graduation ceremony tomorrow! I must give a speech!” Cinderella started thinking that her step-mother now is so annoying that she hoped to punch her in the face badly.
Cinderella ended locked in her own room, and now, she felt very frustrated, she must think how to sneak from home tomorrow, to attend the graduation ceremony. There was no way she leave from the door, her step-mother won’t open it until tomorrow.
“Can I try ‘that’?” She talked to herself, remembering some romance film that she watched from the television. The people sneak from their house by get out from the window, using a bunch of fabric to make a rope and rappel until they step on the ground.
“Well,” She took a breath and started to collect all pieces of fabric she can use for her plan. If she wanted to go to the ceremony, she must start now.
Morning has come, she has finished her way out, she just waiting for her sister and mother leave to the school.
“I can’t believe I will use this.” She stared to the bunch of fabric, ready to use, held by her bed stand.
There was a sound of car leave from outside, “It’s the time.” Cinderella whispered to herself.
She opened the window widely, put the fabric outside, and she gulped before carefully put her bag, filled with some new speech she made, she stepped on the windows frame and started repelling outside.
Finally, after around a couple minutes, she finally stepped on the ground.
“Now, let’s think about how to go to school.” She took a deep breath.
Drizella and her mother just couldn’t stop smiling at the graduation, Cinderella won’t come to the school, she locked on her own room.
But, maybe God wasn’t at their side that time, when the MC shouted loud to call the best student this year, Cinderella, she came, with face full of sweat and a wide grin of course, that made Drizella and her mother’s smile disappeared.
“Good morning, guys.” Cinderella started her speech.

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