Why do people hint?

03 Oct

If you were born in the East, asian countries, you will encounter people talk in hints. Most asian people do not like to talk straight or directly. They talk in hints. If you are not from the East, this may confuse you a lot. The question is why Asian speak in hints. There are numerous reasons why Asian speak in hints. Here are some of them.

First of all, asian people are very shy. They are very polite and put others very highly, especially those who are older or elders. They are forbidden to speak directly to elders or older people. It’s considered impolite if you do so. In some cultures, young ones must not even see the elders face to face. It is a symbol of humility. Young ones speak facing the floor or ground when an elder is at present. In western cultures, it is considered impolite not to speak facing your opponent/the other person.

Second, some people speak in hints to avoid offending the person meant in the conversation. People who speak in hints usually are not sure if what they about to say is true or confirmed information. They hope the hinted person will realize what happened and correct what’s wrong. They want to avoid offending the hinted. However, in most cases, it’s exactly what happened. The other person feels offended since speaking in hints may cause misunderstanding.

The last reason why people speak in hints ia when they just want to offend the hinted without being confronted by the hinted. They (hinters) believe  they can get away with their accusations without the huntee’s pay back. That’s a stupid idea. They will get even with the hinters.

All in all, it’s better not to speak in hints when you want to say something to someone. Talk to the person directly, and avoid misunderstanding and being offended.

-Raden Sutisna- 

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