Friends are like Stocks

30 Oct

Friends are like stocks

We buy stocks as investment, and so do friends. Investment is useful for our future. It’s supposed to enable us to live a better life in our old days. Friends are expected to work the same way. We make friends to help us in our life, hopefully till we grow old. Good friends are expected to be there for us when we need them, and vice versa. However, not all stocks are valuable for us to keep. Sometimes, we have to let them go for some reasons.

Some friends are like blue chips. This kind of friends are highly valuable. It’s value may keep increasing with time. We may get value security just by keeping them as they are much in demand and are sought after. They are difficult to get and cost a lot since they are the most stable stocks. This kind of friends are those who we can rely on in any situation. These friends will be their when we need them the most. They never fail you or try to hurt you, when others leave you. They are there for us when the rest of the world against you. We earn much benefit by keeping this kind of friends. Therefore, you definitely don’t want to lose them, and only let them go if you don’t have any other options.

Some other friends are like LQ45. This kind of friends are relatively safe to keep, but they don’t worth a lot. This kind of friends are those who you need when you socialize and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of others. They are not quite reliable, but still you may have good companies. So, even if you have to let them go, it won’t hurt you a lot or cause you lose much.

The rest kind of friends are small fry stocks. These kind of friends don’t worth much at all. You buy them only to get short term benefit and you don’t want to keep them in long time. They tend to worth less if something goes bad. This kind of friends only cause you more harm than good. They bail themselves form you when something bad comes to you. They are the first to join the band wagon if you are down on your luck and when others point fingers at you. With these sorts, you feel a lot better if you don’t have them in your possession.

All in all, having friends is a great thing for your future life, however choose your sort of friends wisely as you don’t want to suffer in the future because you choose wrong sort of investment. Get as many friends as possible, and make sure you get the ones with high values.

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